Beethoven's Groupies

I fell in love with Beethoven Tuesday night. 

 Oh, sure, I’ve seen pictures of him before.  Even then, I thought he was cute.  White-haired – with that round, pink belly, and those big soulful eyes.  Who wouldn’t yearn to squeeze him?  Maybe rub noses just a little bit.

. . . Provided you didn’t mind smelling his breath.

But, trust me, he is much more irresistable in real life.

In fact, I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with him.  I personally counted 4 other people who all had to have a little action with Beethoven.

I met Beethoven at Nightbird Books Tuesday night.  I was at the big table, doing an evening book signing for my second book – The Doll In The Wall – and having a lively conversation with Julia.

I met Julia when Lisa Sharp – the owner of Nightbird Books – brought her back to my table.  Julia and I began discussing the writing process. 

 ‘Why did you write?  What started you on the journey?’ she asked. 

 ‘Insomnia,’ I replied.

 ‘Do you have a specific place that inspires you?’ she asked.

‘Chocolate,’ I answered. 

We were deep into the question of computer versus pencil and paper when in walked Samantha  . . .

. . . with Beethoven draped on her arm.  Every eye in the room riveted on him.  Women sighed.  Some squealed.  In fact, I did a bit of both.

I ran out to the car to fetch my camera. 

 Nightbird-Beethoven signing 006

This is Beethoven . . . Samantha’s French Bulldog puppy.  He is named Beethoven because he is deaf. 

Which, oddly enough, didn’t stop me from spouting baby-talk in a room full of adults.  We passed him around like a bag of m&m’s.

Next to hold him was Reynolds Sharp, Lisa’s son. 

Then Meggie . . .

Then lastly of all, Lisa . . .

Even Julia got to hold him somewhere in between.

He didn’t seem to mind all the coo-ing, hugging, and kissing he got from strangers.


In fact, he bestowed polite nibbles and puppy yawns on everyone before he left.  Thank you for coming, Sam . . . and for bringing Beethoven.

And thank you, Lisa, for having me at Nightbird Books.  I had a great time!  :D

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  1. Maddy says:

    Awwww he is so cute!