Ringlets and Lemur Bombs

When I was a kid, there was a local joke that went like this: 

“Did you hear they had to close down the zoo in Gentry, Arkansas?”

“No!  What happened?” 

“Their chicken died.”   

Most of you who aren’t already familiar with the tiny community of Gentry should get the dumb joke merely because of the word ‘Arkansas’ that follows it.  However, that joke could not be farther from reality.

Meet the Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari – a place that my husband and I visit every year because we need animals like other people need yearly vacations.  There is no better place to get our fix.


Yesterday my husband, Randy, and I took three of our young friends with us to the animal park so they could see the place for the first time.  I know it will not be their last visit.  Already, we have made tentative plans to come back in a month when the twin tiger cubs, Sabal and Sabine, will be old enough for human interaction.

Nearly every Spring, the animal safari in Gentry has baby animals that visitors can either hold, or see up close while the baby is being cared for.  This year, we visited with a baby porcupine.

And Ringlet, a baby lemur. . .

. . . who preferred clutching people’s hair – lemur-style – as opposed to clutching fingers.


One only had to watch out for the surprise poo bombs that Ringlet had a tendency to shoot from her hatch when she got excited.  I had a narrow escape when the woman pictured above lunged at my head and caught one in her hand before it could land in my hair.  (It makes one wonder if this was a contributing factor in her christening. . .)

There was also Dinky. . .

Dinky is the one without a blue shirt . . .

. . . plus the usual assortment of baby goats . . .

. . . not to mention grown goats, sheep, and pigs (and friends feeding them)  . . .

. . . along with zebras . . .

. . . kangaroos. . .

. . . camels . . .

. . . rhinos . . .

. . . llamas . . .

. . . and roaming rabbits mugging visitors for over-processed baked goods  . . .

. . . to name only a few.  We had even seen a baby hippo cuddling up with a pig for an afternoon nap.

The park has grown considerably over the years.  My first visit was when I was nine years old.  At that time, it had been mainly populated with emus that would steal your lunch when you weren’t looking.  The emus haven’t changed much . . .

. . . They still have a burning need to see if you have anything edible.  I managed to save my camera from spit, but the car’s windows did not fare as well. 

The Wild Wilderness Animal Safari is still one of my favorite places to visit, even after all these years.  Thank you, Gentry, for having so much more than a chicken. . .


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0 Responses to Ringlets and Lemur Bombs

  1. Mallory says:

    (grinning ear to ear) Wonderful! Love the title too!

    What a great day!

    Oh I am sort of glad you didn’t use the picture of the scary pig creature ; ). Ha if you used that you could cause one of two things…you might attract large crowds to the zoo to see such an odd creature …or scare them all away from zoo because of it

  2. Maddy says:

    Thank u Thank u Thank u for not putting that picture of me on there!!! Although i wouldnt have been funny

    That was a awsome day i cant wait to go back with you guys!

  3. Thea Phipps says:

    Ha! Oh, yes ! :D :D The scary pig creature… You mean the Hog-ran with goat ears? People should flock to Gentry just to see it :D :D

  4. Thea Phipps says:

    Of course I wouldn’t put that picture of you on the blog, Maddy! I assume that we are talking about the same one? It would be too cheeky of me. :D It was an awesome day, wasn’t it?

  5. Mallory says:

    Haha too cheeky! HAHA I get it!

    And funny, I named him/it the Pigandyoat :D. (reminded me of the Dolpharkirds ;). Yes, I think people would flock…you could ask for commission ;)

  6. Thea Phipps says:

    Piganyoat! :D Sounds like some kind of wild rodent you would find in South America.
    (Oh, yeah, the Dolparkirds :) …Dolparkirds sound like a nomadic tribe of Serbians)

  7. Kippy says:

    Hey! I really wish that someone would take me to the animal safari. My brothers and I can’t even get our Mammy and Daddy to stop to see the world’s largest prairie dog when we just drive through Kansas. We must have driven by it over a thoiusand times over the years, and each time when we ask if we can stop to see the world’s most largest prairie dog, we’re told to roll down the window and jump out as we pass! Can you imagine? We’re going 75 mph! So we never did jump. And we never got to see the worlds largest prairie dog. We were really sad just last month when we got around Goodland, Kansas and we kept on seeing all of the signs telling us to stop and see HIM. We were sad, because when we all stood up on the edge of the van windows to look out, we were shocked and dismayed to see that only the bottom half of the world’s largest prairie dog was there! What happened? We don’t know. Elmo and I burst into tears, we just couldn’t believe that one of the highlights of driving across Kansas was now only half of the worlds largest prairie dog.

  8. Thea Phipps says:

    Oh, Kippy, I’m so sorry that you’ll never get to see the world’s largest prairie dog! When you come back to visit, Randy and I will take you guys (Mammy & Daddy included) to the animal safari. By the way, did you know that it was your Daddy who first told me the joke that I talked about in the blog? You were just a baby then.

  9. Kippy says:

    Really?! I got in trouble for complaining about the prairie dog guy. My Mammy and Daddy reminded me that we always stop at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. They have all sort of cool stuff! They even have a new dinosuar in there backyard! They also reminded me that they took us to see the Corn Palace in Mitchell, S. Dakota, once. The only reason that happened was because our car broke down and we were stranded for a couple of days. It was free, so they took us to see it. It was pretty cool, I guess. The palace is made out of all of the parts of the corn plant. They change it every year. My Mammy bought postcards of some of all of the different palaces that they have made. Maybe when you and Uncle Randy come up to see us next June, you will drive through South Dakota, and you can see these free things. Does it cost to get into the safari? We do have safari parks up here, but you can’t pet anybody, but we get in free for those. Maybe you and Uncle Randy would like to go with all of us to those. One is called Yellowstone, it’s really cool. The other one is called Glacier. We take our kayak to that one. They both have grizzlies, my favorite! You don’t get to pet them, but you can take their picture!

  10. Thea Phipps says:

    Kippy, we would LOVE to see your parks. :D The safari costs $10 a person, and $8 for 12 and under, but it’s worth it. How old are you now?

  11. Kippy says:

    I’ll be 27 next year…but that’s in people years.

  12. Thea Phipps says:

    Then maybe they will still let you get in for $8 :)

  13. Margaret says:

    I see a donkey in the last photo, is it the one without the blue shirt? Thanks for sharing this blog. I love reading it.

  14. JB says:

    Animals are so warm and fuzzy. They never worry about how their hair looks. They are just there take them or leave them.
    It’s so refreshing.
    Does it show that I am having a bad hair month.

  15. Thea Phipps says:

    I know what you mean :) Only the peacocks cared.

  16. thea says:

    Margaret…. I’m not sure….:) Of course, we certainly could’ve used one in the old days…
    I’m glad you enjoyed the blog!

  17. Maddy says:

    cheeky haha smart the wan-chi!

  18. Maddy says:

    wait thea wan-chi not the wan-chi! oops!

  19. Mallory says:

    Margaret, you found Thea’s blog! YAY. Now just don’t forget about it again! It’s always too good to miss!

    Thea, :D.

  20. thea says:

    Thank you Mallory!!

  21. JB says:

    Thea thanks for your comment. I love affirmations. XD

  22. Kippy says:

    We had 8 inches of new snow yesterday. Some of the friends had to drive to Helena in it to get to the 2 day CA. It’s cold and gloomy up here and everyone is talking about hibernating. It makes me crabby like my mammy.

  23. Lexi says:

    Oh wow! I FINALLY got to your blog! And I LOVE it! :D The emu part did kind of scare me,…but besides that it was wonderful. But i have a request, the next blog I want the picture of Maddy in there. :D Haha im joking Maddy! But I can’t wait to go back with you guys! It will be loads of fun with those stiped bundles of joy!

  24. thea says:

    Kippy, you and your mammy should get your ski wear on and go out and play :) And get new photos that you can email me…
    But summer will be there soon… really soon… It will be June in a week. :)

  25. thea says:

    I’m looking forward to it too, Lexi!

  26. Kippy says:

    June? That’s just 6 more weeks of winter for us! It snows in June up here, too. My Daddy has tomato plants tht want to grow up outside. Instead they have to sit in the house and look out the window. Mammy has more pictures to send. It may be because of her scanning so many cute pictures of me and my brothers and sister that it erased a whole bunch of folders. My Daddy refound all of them in backup. But Mammy still has to go through them all over again and tweak them.

  27. thea says:

    Looking forward to the pictures! Aren’t you glad your Daddy is so computer smart?