I am in Bimbo-Limbo

This morning I had just gotten a call from Compu-man at Allied Technologies.  Compu-man . . . sounds like a super-hero, doesn’t it?  For some reason, a Geek in a ‘cat-suit’ with the Windows logo across his concave chest springs to mind.  Someone wearing hard-soled shoes with his baggy tights and one of those crash helmets they give out in nursing homes.  But not so. . . my particular Compu-man looks like a cross between a doctor and someone’s older brother.  Not my older brother. . . but someone’s.  Competent, polite, and obviously patient – which you would have to be to deal with panicky compu-retards like me. 

But to get back to the point – I found out that not only was my laptop’s fan no longer working properly, it had apparently decided to dismember itself.  A little chunk of plastic had detached from the fan and was flying around in my Toshiba’s innards like a midget with a firehose.   And here I was thinking that it was a particularly resilient flake of croissant that must have tiddlywinked from my breakfast sandwich into my keyboard.  Which isn’t at all stretching the realms of probability. . . I’ve picked flakes out of my hair after eating one of those things.

Now, to get to the phone call from Allied Technologies – I got one of those vague bad news/good news messages on my voicemail, asking me to call back.  So I did, and – alas –  found out the fan wasn’t the only thing terminal in my laptop.  My hard drive was wheezing its last breath as well.  It needed to be replaced.  It was like having Grandma go in for gall-bladder surgery, and then finding out when you’re blowing up the ‘Welcome Back!’ balloons that she’s being detained for an unscheduled heart transplant as well.  

And to top it off, Grammie doesn’t have insurance.   Of course.  Nothing of my foray into technology is ever simple.

That was the bad news.  The good news was that they aren’t like Bobby The Gas Station Attendant down the road.  Bobby once stole the dipstick from my mother’s Malibu Classic and sold it back to her as a replacement.  Compu-man, being a really nice super-hero, felt sorry for me.  They offered to replace the hard drive without charging me for the labor.  An enormous relief.  And, it would be the ONLY way I could afford to get my computer back. 

Thank you, Compu-man!  Compu-man – a super-hero, saving the lives of Compu-morons in cyberspace everywhere. 

And on this note, I would like to especially thank Val, the Computer Whisperer, and his wife, Sarah, for advising me all the way from Montana.  It’s a good thing I’ve at least learned how to operate a cell phone . . .

ATTENTION!!  COMING SOON –  TheaPhipps.net

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19 Responses to I am in Bimbo-Limbo

  1. Slarty says:

    Hooray for Compu-man!

    I can’t wait to have my compu-challenged friend back in the cyber loop! :D

    I loved your wording in this blog too! Great description of Compu-man the super- hero!

  2. thea phipps says:

    Hi, Slarty! Aren’t you glad they don’t actually dress like that when you bring your computer in?
    I should get my computer back Monday.

  3. JB says:

    I love your wording too. The comparison to Granny and the heart transplant cracks me up and is so right on.
    Happy day.

  4. thea phipps says:

    Ahhh, JB… how sweet it is to read your comment from the comfort of my home – and not the dubious comfort of the library… :) They finished early and gave me back my computer Friday afternoon.

  5. Snuffygump says:

    Do I hear purring? I would have commented earlier, but I had to wait for a new order of brain cells to come in.

  6. thea says:

    Yes… Purring AND gloating. But there is so much to reprogram into it. And I lost the photoshop program. Oh well… the world is no doubt better off.

  7. Snuffygump says:

    I will be happy to do your twisted manipulating for you…kind of like when we did the group drawings of heads (when we were little) a concerted effort that kept us enteretained for the cost of nothing but our imaginations. Just email your selections with some ideas. I would have the Kipper help, but he is so tender hearted.

  8. Kippy says:

    I can purr, too but it doesn’t sound as nice when my sinuses are clogged. My Mammy will be sending some new birds as soon as she processes them. Elmo wants her to erase all of the heads off of the pelican pictures. Elmo is afraid they are going to get him, cause our Daddy has him believing that pelicans are that powerful. Elmo is such a little guy and our Daddy has him convinced that he would be a tasty morsel to any pelicans palate.

  9. thea says:

    Thank you, Snuffygump, for your kind offer. I will certainly do that. First, I have to get my computer reconnected to my printer/scanner. Then I have to download that picture of Gerda posing against the doorjamb. Then, if I send it to you, can you clean it up again? Please? Unless I still have it in my Inbox. But since Val made me clean up my Yahoo account, I might have already sent it to my old hard drive and then deleted it already.
    Yes, Kippy is tenderhearted. My photoshop projects would give him nightmares. :)

  10. thea says:

    Hi, Kippy! My purring sounds off, too, when my sinuses are clogged.
    Tell Elmo that his Mammy wouldn’t let anything happen to him. Pelicans wouldn’t dare come close to that ‘giant metal eye’ that she uses to take pictures with. It looks like a gun.

  11. Snuffygump says:

    Any pics that I have cleaned up for you are saved in my Photoshop and various other places, on and off site. So, I have all of the pics that you have sent me all along, before and after. That one that I had you email to me while we were yet in Arkansas is one I have yet to send to you. I cleaned it up as best as I can, but alas!, you still look like you have 3rd and 4th degree acid burns on 98% of your body. I will go into my email and snip some pictures off to you here in a jiffy.

  12. Slarty says:

    Hey, Thea, the guy I work with just gave me a photoshop disc…I am not sure if it is the same program, but if you are interested in trying it out (and if I ever see it again) I can let you see what it’s about it. I can’t use it on my computer because it is a netbook…no place for a disc.

  13. Slarty says:

    HAHA that is *if I ever see YOU again…not it ;)

  14. thea says:

    Snuffygump, thank you for the pics! I will email you when I get some time to myself. Soon!

  15. thea says:

    Slarty, I would really, really, really like to have photoshop again. I wonder if it has more than one download left on it? Thanks for the offer. :)

  16. Slarty says:

    I don’t think it was ever used. I could be wrong though.

    He gave it to me to use as a craft (we made fish out of c.d.s) and said he would never use it. Ok…I’ll hang on to it then!

  17. thea says:

    Wooo – hooo!!

  18. Curly head! says:

    Hey thea, Great blog cant believe i just got around to reading it. And slarty, How do you make fish out of cds? Im curiouse. (i spelt that wrong i think)

  19. Lexi says:

    Im sorry…im still in shock from the midget running through your laptop with a firehose… :P scary….

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