It's Getting Closer. . .

 Well, here I am back at the library’s computer lab.  To the left of me is a terrorist trying to figure out how to construct a bomb, and to the right of me is someone’s younger brother listening to something on his headphones.  No ear-buds here.  His are the unwieldy kind that look like he’s strapped ramekins to his head.  Perhaps they are ramekins.  I’m too scared to get a really good look.

My computer is back in the hospital.  Apparently little Toshiba’s fan replacement is doing some kind of host vs. graft thing.  That, or Mr. UPS drop-kicked it a few times before delivering it to Allied Technologies.  The fan they had installed clicks when I turn my computer on.  It sounds like my laptop is sending out a mating call to crickets everywhere.  At least Allied is replacing the defective fan free of charge since I’m still under their 30-day warranty.

On my last blog I had announced that I will be putting up a new Web site.  It wasn’t an obvious announcement.  I had inserted it at the end of my blog in bold letters.  

However, this is what is going on . . . With the invaluable help of Val, the Computer Whisperer, and Sarah, his wife, I am getting off of this .com site and moving the whole thing over to .net.  ‘Invaluable help’ – who am I kidding?  Val and Sarah are doing ALL of the work pro bono.  Because they are really special (and they probably didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for).  And I am about as solvent as sand.  I would sell one of my kidneys to pay them a decent fee, except I’m fairly certain my organs aren’t working properly any more.  I would probably score only enough money on the donor market to buy Val a new mouse pad.

The new site will be a vast improvement over this site.  The blogs will be the same, but a few fun surprises will have been added for the Readers.  

I am now trying to come up with a new name for the site  . . . something other than ‘Mind Droppings’.  That name was a spur of the moment creation.  I also had no idea that it is being used by someone else on another part of the planet.  Not that anyone could confuse our sites.  It’s just that he came up with it first.

Until then . . .


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7 Responses to It's Getting Closer. . .

  1. Slarty says:

    Poor Toshiba. I think that is what I will name my kid. Just kidding.

    Hooray for Val and Sarah and for the new site! Can’t wait!

    My mind must be fried (i bet that doesn’t taste so good)…that is all I can come up with to say.

  2. thea phipps says:

    Yes… really!… Hooray for Val and Sarah!

  3. Snuffygump says:

    We knew….we know. We’ve been there….we’re still there. Yeah, right….if you and Randy only knew what YOU we’re getting into….you haven’t viewed the new site yet. After you see what we did, well, trust me, we did so with gleeful,wild abandon!
    Now, let me explain what happened. When we didn’t hear from you for our scheduled consultation (knowing now that you and Randy were ill) Val and I decided to do whatever we felt like doing.
    You have to understand that this stems out of a form of free entertainment that we developed years ago when we were in the full time ministry (like Bella et al) and during those periods of extra poverty. I guess we were having fun at yall’s expense on this one. When you see the end result, you’ll probably make the statement, “What’s so funny about this!” Please understand that sleep deprivation on my part and a 5- alarm migraine on Va’ls part were the true catalyst for this end result. It doesn’t take much with us….last night we thought that that we were the Rogers and Hammerstein of web design…John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Do you understand?
    Well, my dear, you can decide what to do with our little presentation……but once you see it, you will know that we truly keyed in on you and your first husband’s favorite pastime. I promise, we DO have the real new website here with us, don’t worry!
    We are wondering if you will unveil our first effort with the rest of the world?
    Kippy’s comment is on the way and you will detect that he is quite crabby because of all of this!

  4. The Kipper says:

    I have been sooooo neglected! I wish my Mammy and Daddy had been spending as much time with me and Elmo, helping us to work on this crummy jigsaw puzzle as they have on Thea’s new website. It’s just a BIG JOKE to them, you know?! they think that they are so funny AND clever with what they have come up with, knowing full well that they are going to change it all instantly. All that time wasted just for a laugh!….they are so easily entertained! Me and my brothers oughta know! Sometimes to entertain themselves, they used to lay on the bed and toss us up in the air and they would try to hit the ceiling with us. When we’d hit it, it was just soooo funny to THEM! Sometimes they would miss catching us when we were coming back down and we would land on the floor. That would make them laugh that much harder. Well, they don’t do that anymore, anyway. But meanwhile, me and my brothers all suffer….we’re just treated like a bunch of rag dolls!!!!

  5. thea says:

    Oh, this is brilliant!! Randy and I laughed so hard (in the nearly silent computer lab) we cried. I even had to apologize to the man at the computer next to me. He was very understanding…
    I wll write another farewell blog to the .com address and then direct people to this site on it – leaving it the way it is for intro.
    Priceless, John and Paul.!
    And Kippy, would you like for me to call Social Services?

  6. Snuffygump says:

    I see that my first husband erased the reply that I asked him to keep…it did ask the question, “What did you mean by my first husband?”

    I am still stunned over the fact that you actually want this new site! When Val and I arose this morning we got to wondering, due to the hour, why we hadn’t heard from you yet, once you made it too the library to view the new site. I figured that you were waiting for Randy to be able to go with you so that he could view it at the exact same time. That was a good idea. Can you imagine if you had not patiently waited and had traveled to the library to view this thing w/o Randy and then trying to DECRIBE it to him? There ARE no words. The cock did crow on me this morning as I also realized that once you and Randy landed on the new site, the repurcussions of doing so, in a public library. Being that I am the sort of person that will laugh even with my mouth full, usually jettisoning the entire volumn upon my surroundings, I was instantly worried as I envisioned you two being forever banned from the library. Then what would Thea do when Little Toshiba was in the hospital again? I really feared that we had made a real mess of things by unlleashing this new site. I felt remorse and guilt for a split second. I was glad to hear that the man next to y’all was so understanding…what was his name, Gandhi?

  7. Kippy says:

    Noooo……they would take me away from my Mammy and Daddy and then who would take me to McDonalds? Who would make me striped engineers overalls, to keep me warm in the winters? Who would pick out the prettiest colors of cowboy kerchiefs and who would would make sure that the right boy scout knot was correctly tied to keep it around my neck? Who would help me and Mo with our jigsaw puzzles? Who would take me to Walmart? Or camping? Or Toy’s are Us? I ask you, “Who would?” No! No! No! I won’t go!!! I’m sorry that I complained! I won’t do it again, for awhile.

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