This! That’s What!

Randy and I laughed so hard when we saw this, we cried.  In the silent computer lab.  I was forced to apologize to the hapless man sitting at the computer next to me. 

First of all, let me say that after this blog – on the next blog – the title – my REAL title – will be in place . . . though I have to say that after seeing the one that Val and Sarah thought up, it was touch and go as to whether or not I was going to jettison my title in favor of keeping theirs.

Also, the background will be different on the next blog as well.  It will not be tiny zoo animals.  It will be something that doesn’t make your eyes cross when you are trying to read the busy text in the center of all that cartoon safari.  Though, I do have to admit that I will be sort of sorry to see them go.

And lastly, I will replace the cartoon at the top of the page with a picture. 

So now, let me give you a quick tour of the new site’s features.  These new features made this site a vast improvement over the old site.  No more unsolicited porn links from Moscow posted on my community forums.  No more unsolicited ads posted by the drug companies.  No more bizarre links from Sweden, Buenos Aires, Australia, Paris, etc. . . ahhh, the relief.  THIS site has functioning filters, unlike my old site that welcomed all BotMonsters indescriminately.

First, notice on the right side of the page there is a Photoblog.  That feature is to showcase any fun, explanatory, revolting, or quaint pictures I might want to share.  Yes, I have plenty of those.  Just click on each photo you want to view to enlarge it and read the caption.  Also, if you want to share any picture(s) out of the Photoblog, you can access the menu below the photo when you bring it up.

Next, bring your cursor down to the end of the blog to the Share/Save box.  A menu will pop up that allows you to save the blog to a variety of sites – facebook, twitter, sites-I-have-never-heard-of-in-my-life, etc – 0r you can use this feature to email your chosen blog to somebody.  Don’t forget to click on the tiny arrow at the bottom of the menu that allows you to see all of the menu options.

Now, I want you to notice the line below the Share/Save box that ends with ‘Comments’.  That tells you how many comments have been left.  Plus, clicking on ‘Comments’ opens it up for you to read the comments left by others, or to leave one of your own – which, by the way, I greatly appreciate and look forward to reading.  There will be a contest coming soon on that tidbit, by the way.

Then, lastly, I finally have an RSS feed.  Look at the bottom of the righthand column right above the calendar, and you will see a subheading ‘Meta’.  In the column under that subheading, you will see Entries RSS and Comments RSS.  Click on Entries RSS and you will be able to suscribe to my blogs.  You will get notices of new blogs fed right to your email.  No more, ‘I wonder if Thea is still alive?’ moments . . . or ‘where was that strange site I saw yesterday?’  Suscribing to the Comments RSS will notify you of any comments posted on the site, such as any replies I, or others, might make to your comment.

Once this site is complete with the correct title, header photo, and background, I will institute – or, rather, Val will – two newsletters that you can suscribe to if you enjoy humor, recipes, and trivia.  The recipes will feature a never-ending cook-off between two of my book characters.  You will be able to suscribe to either newsletter, or to both.

This is just a rough introduction to the new site.  Don’t forget to browse through the other pages of this site as indicated by the tabs at the top of the page.

Have fun exploring! 

Remember, to leave a comment click on the ‘Comments’ tag at the end of this blog.

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17 Responses to This! That’s What!

  1. Slarty says:

    YYYYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! This is great! Hooray for Val, Sarah, Thea and…SQUIRREL!…Randy! I can’t wait for the new stuff coming soon!

    I especially like that I can have a notice sent via e-mail when you finish a blog. Now I don’t have to go to your site everyday! Way cool!

  2. Thea, I love reading your blog entries but will reserve comment on how I like this new blog until the background at least, is changed. =’)

  3. Snuffygump aka Sarah says:

    ‘Aaat laaast….,’ sang Etta Jones. You didn’t fill your readers in on the story behind the cartoon. So, allow me, since it was my only original Thea Phipps artwork! It was the winter of ’84 – ’85. Val and lived in a secluded dwelling situated in a ‘holler’ (Arkanese for hollow) located on a 200 acre apple orchard/farm. Randy and Thea dwelled in a tiny apartment perched along the beginning of the winding hiway that snakes around and through the town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They had no phone, so in order to pay them a visit, we just had to show up on their doorstep and hope that they would actually be there. They practiced the same method of visiting us. This was not a simple thing to pull off, though it seemed like we never missed one anothers visits. We lived out in the country around Decatur, Arkansas, so that put the driving distance between us and them around 60 miles . One winter day they showed up on our doorstep. There was too much snow and the road down into the holler had simply evolved and was rough enough without the snow accumulation. Randy and Thea opted to park there golden jalopy at the top of the road and hiked in. We were amazed and very happy to see them! We spent a couple of days, altogether, knocking on some doors, eating, and gasping for air, as we suffocated on the endless laughter. After this short visit, they dissappeared, and upon waking, Val and I found this thank you note left behind. I cropped out the body of the note to make our fun kick off header for the new site. I then colorized it. We found the old picture from that very same visit that explains the dated attire they wore those fleeting days of 26 years ago. Blow the picture up underneath the header and check it out! Those were our glory days. It was too perfect not to put it in on the trial run of the photoblog. Adding that photo was the last of the fun we had that night, Monday, the 19th, 2010. From here on out, it will all be serious…..

  4. Thea says:

    Hello, Slarty! Yes, this site will be much better. I had an RSS feed on my old site, but as time passed, and WordPress updated themselves, the old site was left behind. Nothing on that old site was working very well. I’m looking forward to this new site as well.

  5. Thea says:

    Yes, Margeret… I’m thinking of something a little less like a ‘blankie’… :0)

  6. Thea says:

    The ‘Glory Days’ picture is priceless. Yes, Snuffygump, “dated” is right. I actually had the first ‘Mullet’ in the state of Arkansas… only then it wasn’t a Mullet. It was the cutting edge hairstyle for women in Europe at the time. Actually, the woman who cut my hair that way – her choice – didn’t even speak English. I might have stopped her and modified the style a bit if we could have actually communicated. Then three years later redneck men all over America had the hairstyle. Thank goodness hair grows…
    In that picture we were crossing the creek in front of your house so we could get to the car parked on the other side. Val was first, we were next, and you came last, burdened down with bookbags, lunch, and all your kitties riding your boots because they wanted to come with us. You kept trying to scoot them off of your feet, but one was persistent enough to ride your boot all the way into the middle of the creek. You kept hollering for Val to come help you, but he was too busy on the other side of the creek laughing and taking pictures.
    And by the way, “from here on out it will all be serious”? Really? I can’t even picture that…

  7. Kippy says:

    I like going to Auntie Thea’s site everyday, its part of my daily things to do, kinda like my chores. I guess I could do the email thing. I could go look at my email everyday to see if you wrote me. But I never get email, and I don’t know where to find it. My Daddy just said that I could use this old address so that I could write comments. I know how to find my Auntie here, so that works for me!

  8. Snuffygump says:

    Goldie wasn’t parked across the creek. We still had to hike up the side of the hill through the woods, where your golden chariot was perched up on top. That’s why you were wearing sneakers, because you knew that your regular shoes were going to be trashed out after that little walk.
    Just a little past the spot where y’all are at in the picture, was a mud bog that was the consistency of brownie batter. Val and I had a hobby (another one of our self contrived entertainments of the broke and poor). We would endlessly fill five gallon buckets with the myriads of tiny rocks from our big field, load the buckets onto the tailgate of the Crabmobile and drive across the creek where we would dump bottomless buckets of rocks into the bottomless bog. That was an exercise in futility, but we felt like we were making provements.
    I do have the picture of us all loaded into Goldie on that day. You have your one foot up on the dash and you are pointing and smiling at your clean white sneaker. By the way, I am writing this in a highly sleep deprived state (an ongoing plague) so I almost let this one slip by me…..Squirrel? Speaking of, have you ever heard a chipmunk when they are fussing? The sound they make sounds just like they can’t get their car started. You know, when you can’t get the engine to turn over…..maybe I should just go to bed. I can’t even remember if there are chipmunks in Arkansas anymore. So much has changed and so has the subject again, so I’m cutting this off and heading for bed, where I should have crawled off to hours ago.

  9. thea phipps says:

    It seems like we were at your house a couple of times. One time, we drove across the creek, and that evening, when we left the house to go home, we found out that our brakes, having gotten wet from the creek, were frozen. We spent the night then, and it took over two days to get the brakes to thaw.
    And, yes, we have chipmunks in Arkansas. I didn’t know it until I saw one at Devil’s Den State Park.

  10. thea phipps says:

    Hi, Kippy!! :0D

  11. Slarty says:

    Snuffygump, are you wondering why I wrote Squirrel before Randy’s name?…or are you delirious from sleep deprivation and randomly asking about squirrels?…or do you guys have some inside squirrel joke?… or am I just making a fool of myself by asking because I have missed something?

  12. Curly says:

    Haha I kinda like this set up! Glad your happy and this new site is awsome! Again i know i keep saying this but we need to do something!! It seems like forever since ive seen you! though i have been to your house to deliver a book! That was fun! :D

  13. Thea says:

    Yes, Curly, we do need to do something :)

  14. Snuffygump says:

    Hey Slarty! Not to worry, no inside squirrel jokes (though there probably will be one after this). Nor any squirrel conspiracies. It’s me that doesn’t know about the squirrel / Randy connection. Maybe you will enlighten me? Thea mentioned that new names have been issued for all and is Randy – squirrel? It would be interesting to know. The reason being, that while we were in Arkansas, I spent a good amount of the time in their backyard armed with my camera, chasing cardinals. I figured that Thea and Val were working on the computer in the dining area and just assumed that Randy was intertaining himself filling gallon jugs with Kenga water, one after another. However, there was a certain squirrel high up in one of their trees. I photographed him several times over those days spent at the Phipps home. Could it be????

  15. Slarty says:

    One time my cousins and I went out in service with Thea and Randy (what an adventure) and we were working in a rural territory enjoying the sun and the greening landscape talking and laughing…actually, Randy was talking, we were laughing…when all of sudden, mid-sentence Randy shouts “hey look at that blah blah blah bird” (<– i forgot the name of the bird). He put on the brakes then put the car in reverse and we all became carsick from the sudden change of direction. And as quickly as that all happened we were moving forward again and he continued the story he was telling. That reminded us of the little dog in the animated movie Up. The dog is talking, talking, talking and mid-sentence he turns his head and yells "Squirrel!" then goes right back to what he was saying. So I was referring to Randy's small burst of ADD when I said squirrel. Thea had mentioned you all helping on the computer and I imagined Randy taking a look at the computer screen then saying something like "the only known poisonous bird in the world is the hooded pitohui of Papua, New Guinea. The poison is found in its skin and feathers" and then moving on to nap on the couch.

  16. Thea says:

    Actually, I think he just quietly disappeared, and we found him napping on the couch like he’d died and was dumped in our living room.
    ‘Squirrel!’ is very much part of Randy’s thought pattern. Once, when he and I were talking about something serious, he suddenly pointed at the ‘Bingo’ sign in front of the Cherokee Casino in Tulsa, yelled, ‘BINGA!’ (Not Bingo, but binga), then resumed the conversation. It must be nice to have a few synapsis that are still able to dart – however randomly …

  17. Snuffygump says:

    We have yet to see the movie Up. Now we will put it in our queue on Netflix. However, Both Val and I laughed at your dead on explanation of our dear friend Randy. He always has like a parrallel universe conversation playing alongside the main conversation. Pretty amazing talent, when you think of it!

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