Last week I borrowed the family photographs and decided to scan a choice few into the computer, copy them on discs, and distribute them to my mother and two brothers.  There were many reasons for this project, one being that I thought it was time I did my share of preserving the family memories.  Or my share of interfering with them.  (Too bad I had lost my photoshop program when my hard drive took a nose dive.) 

I went to my mother’s and gathered up the photographs.  As I did, I reflected that I’d already seen everything my parents’ albums had to offer.  I was wrong. 

Oh, the things I have seen.

Though I am not finished sorting and scanning, I already have favorites that fill me with wonderment.  Like the one of my father sitting on the toilet, reading what looks like an antique medical tome.  I wondered why anyone would preserve that moment.  Perhaps to scar the grandchildren?  I know it is burned in my brain.  (And, yes, I am passing that photograph on to my brothers. . .)

Another favorite of mine is the photo below:

Going counterclockwise from the bottom – The little girl in the middle is my mother.  The little boy beside her is my uncle.  Behind him is my grandmother, and beside her is my great-grandmother.   

Just yesterday, I went out with my mother to get some coffee . . . As my husband said, ‘We need to take your mom out for a good airing . . .’

Here she is - getting well - aired


Anyway, to get back to the photo above this – I asked Mom who the two others in the photograph are.  She gave me their names – which, of course, meant nothing to me – then shared a special memory with us . . .  (As she began her story, my husband said, ‘Uh-oh.  This isn’t going to end good.’)

It seems that the young girl with the braids is the woman’s daughter.  Graduation from the German equivalent of high school is a special time for the family, celebrated with a big party and gifts.  Not unlike here in the United States.  This girl’s graduation party was commemorated by a big meal with guests.  Mom said that she can still remember the food, where everyone sat, etc.  She said that the family had a favorite pet, named Fluffy.  (As you can tell by the name, Fluffy was their cat.)  Halfway through the meal, Mom asked where Fluffy was.

Okay. . . you can guess the rest of the story.  (It wasn’t rabbit they were eating.)

Another photograph that filled me with wonderment, was this one:

Was it really politically correct to photograph your children with cigars and guns?  (I’m not really sure what my brother on the right is doing to my brother on the left . . . Reminds me of the House episode where a mother was bringing her children to the clinic – “The kids are lickin’ each other again, and the baby has a seeping wart on his extra toe.  Should I be worried?”)

Well, I have gone through only one box of photographs.  I have 3 albums and another box still to go through. 

It should be interesting. . .

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Have fun!

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9 Responses to SCARING THE KIDS

  1. Snuffygump says:

    Dorothea looks exactly the same as she did when she was little. Even then she had that mischievious look in her eyes. I wonder what the little girl’s mother told her that she could have in exchange for Fluffy? A visit to the zoo, where she could hold bigger and plumper kitties? Mmmm…the things that our parents had to eat to survive when they went through their childhood. Thanks for sharing this new light on Dorothea’s childhood. I could listen to her stories forever. I wish I could be there when y’all take Dorothea out for an airing…what I must be missing! There is no one like her!

  2. Kippy says:

    That story scared me! Your Mammy doesn’t STILL eat kitties, does she?

  3. Thea says:

    No, Kippy. I promise that she doesn’t eat kitties. :) She eats soft foods now.

  4. Thea says:

    Snuffygump – I brought my computer to the coffee shop to show her the photos when we went out yesterday. I wanted to the get the stories on the pictures.
    I was not disappointed :D

  5. Samudra says:

    I picked Dorothea out right away, too! Old photos always amaze me–people seem so different from us today, and yet so much the same! Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose, I guess. (Sorry, don’t know how to put in French accent marks.) About yr Dad on the toilet: you know he staged stuff, don’t you? Sometimes to be as incongruous as possible? I mean, I know you knew him better than I did, but I knew him When, and it WAS old photos you were looking through.

    Love you.

  6. Samudra says:

    Oh–and I love the new header on your blog! One way, indeed.

  7. Thea says:

    I took that picture while visiting Daniel in NY. We had parked somewhere in Brooklyn and had gotten out of the car to walk. Randy was the one who pointed it out to me. Isn’t it profound in a weird kind of way? :) Randy and I got so tickled when we saw it.

  8. Thea says:

    Dad staged stuff? Well that certainly explains the dinner theater plays he was in. :)
    I know. Mom looks the exact same, except with a few wrinkles. I have a picture of her as a baby looking out over the edge of her buggy, and it is very disconcerting. It looks like someone photoshopped her adult head on an old photo. She hasn’t changed.

  9. Curly head says:

    Wow thea those pictures crack me up! I love when little kids do silly things like that! A couple weeks ago (I may have already told this story) My 2 year old nephew got a can of bear out of the trash, Drank the last sip, Then came and burped in moms face while saying- Hmmm Good. To be young again!

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