What’s a little loss of dignity among friends?

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  1. Snuffygump says:

    Dear Thea….I have to ruminate for a bit over your latest reflections on the joys of selecting eyeglass frames. You were braver than I was with my most recent purchase of eyewear. I let my early training (think of the starving children in Africa, Biafra…) kick in and recycled my old frames. How can you supersize the newer frames? My problem is, needing bifocals, as you do, being able to find frames that recognize that fact. Everytime I would find one that I liked, they were so tiny that it was surprising that a single lens would even squeeze in to it. Some of the earpiece stems are so wide it looks like a mono brow has gone wild, wrapping itself around the wearers ears. I think the best deterrent to a bad eyeglass selection is to envision seeing a photograph of yourself 10 – 15 years later wearing you new selection. Or find old school yearbooks dating back for one hundred years. All these fashions have reared their ugly heads before. Save yourself the embarrasment by learning from others fashion faux pas. THANK YOU for the 2 videos which shed light on your most current Face Book insert!

  2. Thea says:

    Yes, I know… Plastic frames like the ones I just got will go out of fashion before my glasses get their first nick. But I couldn’t, just COULDN’T go back to wire frames again. Nothing makes my face look doughier than wire-frames. Perhaps if my face shrink and sink in as I age? Or will I be the person who blimps out and turns soft like a well-cooked chicken as I get older? Contacts were not an option. I will not put things on my corneas that can get lost behind my eyeballs. I’m looking forward to getting heartily sick of my thick plastic frames so that by the time my perscription needs updating, I will be able to go back to wearing wire-frames, something virtually invisible, and look downright fashionable doing so – and not like a Wal-mart greeter… at least, in my own head.

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