No.  Not the man in the picture up above.  That is my dad.  On a date with my mom.  They’re trying to impress each other.   It must have worked.  I was born four years later. 

No . . .  This is my Man of Mystery:  In April of this year I had a new reader join my blog, leaving some of the most unique comments.  Any of you who have read the comments following my blogs might remember some of the exchanges.  In the beginning, we knew only his name: Kippy.  Then after my blog, DROOL CATCHERS, we learned that Kippy, who told me that he is 27 years old and still lives at home, does not have teeth. 

For many, this tidbit from Kippy might evoke the image of a mountain cabin next to a coal mine, but, as we were to find out, they would be wrong.  Kippy hails from Montana, where he lives with his Mammy, Daddy, 7 brothers, and one sister.  I know. . . For many the image of a mountain cabin next to a coal mine fades, only to be replaced with the sound of dueling banjos. 

And then, bit by bit, he told us a little about his siblings . . .

After my blog, VOLLEYBALL & MSG, we learned that he has a brother named Bud.  Bud, it seems,  gets strapped to the front of the family kayak with bungee cords when their parents go kayaking, making a unique hood ornament . . . (According to Kippy, the cords stop his brother Bud from falling in and drowning.)  Then, after the blog, I AM IN BIMBO-LIMBO, we learned that he has a little brother, Elmo.  Elmo, it seems, is afraid of pelicans because, in the words of Kippy, “Elmo is afraid they are going to get him, cause our Daddy has him believing that pelicans are that powerful. Elmo is such a little guy and our Daddy has him convinced that he would be a tasty morsel to any pelicans palate.” 

Kippy, it seems, is very protective of his little brother Elmo.  We find this out after I wrote DARK HUMOR.  I had included a link of ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ on fire, giggling and slapping his thigh.  Kippy wrote: “What if my little brother sees that laughing Elmo video? How are you going to explain that one to him?”

Then, after IT’S GETTING CLOSER, many began to consider calling Social Services (even though Kippy is 27 years old) when he told us an even more revealing tidbit about his family life: “My Mammy and Daddy . . . are so easily entertained! Me and my brothers oughta know! Sometimes to entertain themselves, they used to lay on the bed and toss us up in the air and they would try to hit the ceiling with us. When we’d hit it, it was just soooo funny to THEM! Sometimes they would miss catching us when we were coming back down and we would land on the floor. That would make them laugh that much harder. Well, they don’t do that anymore, anyway. But meanwhile, me and my brothers all suffer….we’re just treated like a bunch of rag dolls!!!!  My Mammy named me Kip, but I answer to Kippy and the Kipper. Sometimes though, my Mammy and Daddy make up a song around my name and they make words rhyme with Kippy and I don’t like what they rhyme. The song can have a different tune each time, but it’s always the same insulting rhyming words to Kippy, Kip Or Kipper. I thought of changing my name, but they would just make up another song. They are just too clever, so it’s no use.”

It is time for my readers to meet Kippy, the toothless 27-year-old with unusual parents.

Here he is, going sledding with his little brother Elmo:


Driving his red convertible . . .

. . . Right before his tragic accident . . .

But this is my absolute favorite picture . . . Kippy and his brother Felix drying off after their bath:

It is now time to meet his brother Felix.  Felix asked that I introduce him in this way  . . . 




And SEXY . . .


And last, but not least, here is Elmo again, who is going to bake cookies for me when I come visit next year.

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Have fun!

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25 Responses to A MAN OF MYSTERY

  1. Randy (Thea's husband) says:

    Elmo, if you are reading this blog, is your Mammy just DARING you kids to lick that open electrical socket? I notice that there is not just one, but two. They need to cover those things before we come up to visit. I might sneeze and plunge my hand right into it. What if I’m standing on the counter with you? What if I trip on the egg beater and fall right into it? Wait! Those bananas could poke my eye out! Blinded AND electrocuted!
    I’m starting to get worried about my untimely death in their kitchen up there in the Great North.

  2. Thea says:

    HOWEVER, as you will notice in Purplume’s latest blog http://purplume.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/favorites-kitchen-tools/
    not all kitchen utensils are death traps . . .

  3. Purplume says:

    Omg. I knew I come here for the hilarity, but you have outdone yourselves this time. The kitchen tools would be just the right size for Kippy, to cook or be cooked.
    Thanks for the link. Oxoxo

  4. Thea says:

    Thanks for you kind words, Purplume!
    And thank you for telling us about some of those cooking tools!
    Kippy’s Mammy is one of the best cooks on the planet. She is going to help me with my recipe news letter that I am going to start setting up and sending out. I’m looking forward to her seeing your blog.
    (Maybe I should get Elmo an apron.)

  5. Slarty says:

    Kippy, you are so cute! But I feel so bad for the racoon you ran over! And I can’t believe you can play in the snow without a coat! Brrrrr!

    Elmo! Brownies are my favorite! Mmmm I wish I had some right now! Actually, my mom made cookie brownies! They were really good.

    Felix…nice shorts…

    Thanks, Thea! That was fun! I love the pictures!

  6. Laura "J" Donatelli says:

    To “Mammy and Daddy”:
    Is Kip in the truth? I am a lonely Texas sweetheart and I was interested in the Kipster when I saw his many pics on FB. It’s startling to me that no woman has snatched him up and then I realized he must be waiting for that “special someone.” If he is interested, please forward my email address to him.

    Alone and Pining

  7. Linda - AKA Lin Sewell says:

    Hi kids! Love the photo blog, not to mention the pictures of your mom and dad wow we all were young once.
    Hi Thea and Randy!

  8. Felix says:

    HEY?! What about me? I’m older than Kippy, how come everybody always thinks Kippy is soooooo cute?! I’m responsible, once a month me and my brother Winnie (short for Winfield) drive over to Missoula. We check on our bald eagle nest over by Deer Lodge. After that we check on the buffalo herd. They are our favorites. They like us too, cause we check on them and say hey when we drive by. Me and Winnie also check on the Llamas to make sure they are handling their sheep OK. We are also responsible for counting all of the trains that we pass between Anaconda and Missoula. That’s over 100 miles one way of train counting! We get to do all of this cause we are smart and responsible. Only thing Kippy ever does is occasionally help our Mammy in the kitchen when she is preparing for a carb fest. BIG DEAL. And Kippy only rides over to Butte with Mammy and Daddy so that he can go to Walmart. All he checks on is toys. Yeah, well, and he counts Mini Coopers and Volkswagon Jellybeans. Who cares about that? Those little runt cars can’t move payloads the size that trains do!

  9. Thea says:

    Felix, of course you are the most responsible. If you look in the pictures, you can see that you’re bigger than Kippy. That means your brain must be bigger, too. You’re the older brother, so you can show all the younger kids how it’s done. When I come up next year, will you tell me all about the bald eagles? I would love to see one!
    I look forward to more comments from you on my blogs! <3

  10. Thea says:

    LIN ! LIN ! LIN ! HI! We miss you! Wow! It’s nice to hear from you again! I might do a blog of my weekend at your house. I have a few pictures of that time.

  11. Thea says:

    Laura, I won’t butt in to your comment since that is reserved for Kippy’s Mammy and Daddy.
    But… thanks for joining in! It was great to hear your voice in this!

  12. Kipper says:

    Auntie Thea! You didn’t know that was me writing all this time? Mammy wants me to ask you to name five presidents, beginning with who’s president now. My granpa Baur got to where he didn’t even know Mammy and his own son, my Daddy! Oh, I’m really, really worried now! I think it’s nice though that everyone says hi. Hi! This is Kippy and I’ll be your favorite Kipper from now on!
    Dear Laura J. You don’t fool me! You used to change my diapers, ‘cept I didn’t wear them. You’re just funnin’, hehehe.
    Dear Slarty, Don’t worry about the racoon, he wasn’t real. We were just pretending. Those pictures were taken in October, so it wasn’t cold…Oh! you mean the sledding pictures? Those were taken in the Spring, so it wasn’t cold then.
    Dear Uncle Randy, Mammy says,”What’s the matter with you?” “Are you like a moth drawn to the flame that you go around jabbing your hand in exposed wall sockets?” Mammy says we will probobably have to duck tape you to a chair and set you across the room away from all the holes in the walls. My Mammy and Daddy have been trying to remodel our house for 12 years now and they just keep on getting older and the house keeps on looking like it’s not getting remodeled. I know, we can put you on the elevator and you can just ride up and down over and over,that might keep you from getting hurt.
    Dear Auntie Lin, Do you see how much we’ve grown?
    Dear Auntie Thea, Do you remember me now? If I tell you the words to the Kippy song, will you get better? All you have to do is think of every word that rhymes with my name and you have the song. You can pick any tune to use, too.
    Dear Uncle Randy, Mammy says she better not catch you standing on her kitchen counter!
    Dear Purplume, Where do you find those tiny cooking things? Are they real or are they toys? If they are toys, I would like to get some.
    I think I said hi to everybody, so now can I go back to being invisible?

  13. Felix says:

    Hey, Slarty!
    I met you first, remember? Me and Winnie, we met you first.
    Mammy made those for us to wear on our cruise. The shorts. We all had our own pair of shorts. Me and Winnie spent the entire cruise in the room. Everyday, the cabin guy would stop by to visit and he would leave a different friend to play with. After 7 days we had like 5 of these dirty towel animals all over our teeny weeney cabin. I don’t know if that was the usual practice. If they did that with every room, just left the little dirty towel critters every day, you would think that they would run out of towels! Maybe they he did it just special for us cute kitties, since Mammy and Daddy obviously left us alone, in the dark, deep down in the bowells of the ship. Bud was on the cruise too, but Mammy actually took him up on deck one day with her by the pool. Spoiled.

  14. Thea says:

    Don’t worry, Kippy! I knew who you were! I was just playing with everyone. . . though I’m pretty sure I can’t name all the presidents. . . but I’m okay. I remember all the really important things. Like how to make pies.
    We’ll have fun when I come up next year. And I promise I will recognize everyone.

  15. Slarty says:

    Felix, first of all, you are handsome. Kippy is cute because he is smaller. Most things that are smaller are “cute”. You are a little taller than Kippy which makes you more mature looking. That picture of you reading the book sitting next to the tree is impressive. Mr. Dignified!
    One time I went on a cruise. We didn’t ever have a cabin guy. We had a cabin girl. She always made towel animals, but we never got to keep one for that long. She took the old one away and gave us a new one each day. Did the cabin guy remember to leave you the little chocolate mints on your pillow? That was one of my favorite things. I always asked my mom for hers too, so I could have extra.

  16. Felix says:

    Slarty, Hey! Thanks for noticing. The cabin guy left Mammy and Daddy mints, which me, Winnie and Bud all let them find at night when they came back down into the bowels of the ship to sleep. We just asked the cabin guy to leave pizza and beer on our pillows. I will send a picture to Auntie Thea that has all of our dirty towel critters in it, and of course, us cute kittes!
    That picture of me studying, I was only 2 and 1/2 years old then. Uncle Randy and Auntie Thea lived far away from us, in Eureka Springs. But they used to come over and play with us, me and Kippy. That was before we found Winnie. He was a little orphan boy.

  17. Laura says:

    Well, Kip, I kid about a great many things, but love isn’t one of them. It’s what makes the world go around and you can’t kid about something as serious as that. @Felix, I appreciate your “responsible” voice in these discussions…sometimes our heart doesn’t always lead us in the most suitable direction. That being said, I feel there’s only one fair way to settle this…we’ll hafta flip a coin. @Skippy excuse me, but I don’t recall ever changing your diaper. You just made me feel 1000 years old! FELIX my number is…

  18. Kippy says:

    My name is NOT Skippy! You sound just like my Mammy and Daddy singing that horrible song!

  19. Laura says:

    I know you’re name’s not Skippy! My phone defaults to a word it knows like Skippy. It doesn’t know Kippy!

  20. Thea says:

    Wow! All I know how to do on my phone is dial out. Or is that punch out?

  21. Snuffygump says:

    Laura J, are you telling us that you are using your cell to communicate on the www?

  22. Felix says:

    LJ, Hey! Yeah, we had some good times together, but you changed my diapers too. Hey when you do come to visit us, we’ll still have a good time, go out for pizza and beer,OK? The only diapers you’ll have to change will be Elmo’s.

  23. LJ says:

    …who in the world is Snuffygrump?

  24. LJ says:

    Yes, my cell phone is my mode of communication when I am away from the computer. My cell number is linked to my FB account.

  25. Snuffygump says:

    LJ, I was only worried that it was the ONLY mode of transferring your info. Glad to hear that you have a big girls computer!

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