Yesterday Randy and I visited Gentry’s Wild Wilderness Animal Safari.

Okay, so this little piggy isn’t one that you will find in the wild wilderness unless it got past the fence. This is a photo taken in the petting part of the “zoo.” Wilbur, here, was asking for a bite of bread, which you can take into the enclosures to feed the animals with. Feed . . . Asking . . . Who am I kidding? As soon as these cuddly little animals see the bread sack in your hand they morph into piranhas scenting blood.

And if they are tall enough, like this llama, they don’t wait for the handout . . .

. . . They help themselves.

And when you tell the animals that you have run out of bread to feed them . . .

. . . They don’t believe you.

 They taunt you . . .

. . . And then eat the sack.

Or the fence . . .

Even your armpits . . .

There were two of them. Two six-month-old lion cubs. While this one was eating my husband, the other one was attacking my thighs like they were glazed hams. I do not have a picture of this. I was running for my life. Which was a mistake. Lions chase their prey.

Once we’d escaped, we went to the small animal enclosure and met Jazz. He greeted us with, “Whatcha’ doin’ Sweetie?”

And we met Jonni, the six-month-old prairie dog . . .

Then we went on the drive-through part of the Wild Wilderness Safari.

These animals you are NOT supposed to feed . . .


So they licked the car.

We had a great time . . . even when the Capuchin monkey on Randy’s head stuck its butt in my face so that it could lick the back of my hand.  My left eyelid is swollen now.

Gentry’s Wild Wilderness Animal Safari is worth the $10-a-person entry fee.  Well worth it. I recommend it to EVERYONE.

Do you have any of your own animal stories you want to share?  You could even tell us what animal on this planet is your favorite. Me? I don’t think I can choose. I love them all. Except for centipedes. Yeah, I know. . . they aren’t animals.  Thank goodness.

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