I have recently been going through my spam. Not that nasty pink stuff in a peel-can that thrills Hawaiians. But the junk mail. Specifically the stuff posted as ‘comments’ on this blog.

Thank goodness I have a good filter in place.

On my last website, the webmaster – not my current one – got a cheap host. Not necessarily inexpensive. Just cheap. It had virtually NO spam filter. I spent every afternoon deleting massive amounts of Russian porn from my blog.

Then I got a new site. The bots are still trying to infiltrate, but my filter has kept every one of them out. However, I still have to go in from time to time to flush my spam folder like a toilet.

Here are some of the ads masquerading as comments:

“Yes! Finally! Someone who has written about Tempurpedic mattresses!”

Obviously from someone not paying attention.

And this:

“I had to deal with how my clothing have been acquiring looser and just how my cardio and power exercise sessions were being improving upon and took the dimensions going down to be a reward.  I understand it is really tricky.  Think me.  I have been there.  It took me ten months to lose 60 pounds and the %anchor% arrived off when it desired to.  I trapped to logging and performing exercises and customarily ate among 1500-1600 energy daily.  I stored the faith and it worked.”

I’m not sure what “trapped to logging” means, and eating energy, but, hey, it helped him store the faith. We should be so fortunate.

Then there are those who don’t bother to translate. I keep getting a 30-line comment in Chinese which will remain hidden until deleted.

And here is my favorite in this week’s batch:

“Now, I’m going to give you a bunch of lame advice that tells you that you just need to sit and wait on your girlfriend to come back to you.”

Fair enough.

Then there are ones who try to make it look like they are from readers. They tell me how informative my blog is and how it gives them good advice.

Yeah, right . . . Pull the other one.

Remember, to leave a comment click on the ‘Comments’ tag at the end of this blog – NOT YOU, BOTS – and don’t forget to check out the latest Photoblog on the right.  Just put your cursor over the picture to read the caption, or click on one if you want to leave your comment.

Have fun!


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2 Responses to RECYCLING SPAM

  1. Snuffygump says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think I will have a fried Spam sandwich for lunch, now and ponder over that weight loss advice. Keep the blogs coming, Thea!

  2. Thea says:

    Thank you, Snuffygump! I will :)

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