That Bookstore In Blytheville Book Signing

Randy and I had a blast!

Being UN-serious...

Friday evening Randy and I went to Robert Olen Butler’s book signing.  Robert Olen Butler, winner of a Pulitzer Prize  (NOT pullet surprise – a fowl (foul?) casserole, but PULITZER Prize) read from his latest book, a satire on Christendom’s concept of the afterlife.  That deserves it’s own blog.  However, due to the uncertain nature of hotel wi-fi’s, I will only be able to blogette. 

The author, along with my left eye...

The author, along with my left eye...

Actually, there was much more of me in the picture, much, much more, but I decided to judiciously crop bits lest people think Robert Olen Butler was getting his picture taken with Buddha.

While Mr. Butler read, we sipped wine, ate devilled eggs, and sat in chairs festooned with the autographs of various well-known authors. 

TBIB booksigning

Randy perched on ‘Joan Hess’ and ‘John Grisham’, while I sat on ‘Bill Clinton’.  

The next day we went to lunch in one of Blytheville’s two restaurants, then went to my book signing, getting there early enough to waste time while we waited for readers to arrive…

TBIB booksigning 037

. . . As you can see, we spent our time abusing our digital camera.  It doesn’t cost money, and hysterical laughter is an effective aid to digestion.

Well, that is it for tonight.  I had better send this on it’s way before hotel wi-fi boots me off the internet.

Until tomorrow, when I have the wif-fi for a full blown blog…

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