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STRANGE CAPER – The third book in the Bella Wildeve comedic mystery series is nearly ready for release! Only one more step . . . I will get a printed copy to look over. Once I email my approval, it goes online. It will take anywhere from a few days to two weeks (at the most). I will post a blog to alert everyone when it has crossed the finish line. So stay tuned.


Here is the blurb that Amazon will post:

It was to be an idyllic Greek holiday, courtesy of Albert and Violet, retired field agents for MI6. But when the Frenchman entered the picture, not to mention the bipolar policeman and Serbian acrobats, everything changed . . .

Instead of fleeing to safety, Bella ends up trapped on the naturists’ island of Gavdos. She becomes ensnared in kidnapping, smuggling, and in trying to understand the puzzling brass key that will save them all.


There is a bit more on the back of the book. Something in Bella’s own words. And an author picture. Which is a whole other story . . .

It goes like this:

I have turned down three offers from traditional publishing companies. I have even turned down an agent’s offer to represent me. I was looking for . . . I don’t know what I was looking for. I just knew these companies didn’t have it, neither did going with an agent. So, for my first two, CHARADES WITH A LUNATIC and THE DOLL IN THE WALL, I decided to go with Xlibris. I wanted to learn more about the publishing process and about marketing before I made a final decision about which direction to take.

Well, it worked. I learned something very important. Namely, I will never go with Xlibris again. They messed up my ebooks.

So I kept looking.

Then I found BookLocker. I could not be any happier with a publishing company. Angela and Richard Hoy, owners of Booklocker, also own WritersWeekly, the largest freelance writing ezine in the world. Angela also screens the manuscripts sent to BookLocker and rejects, at one estimate, 90% of them as not being up to their standard.

Woo – hoo! They accepted the manuscript to STRANGE CAPER, and on September 4th, just before midnight, I signed the contract. I was immediately assigned a graphic designer to work with, Todd Engel, who is in Nashville.  Todd is an award winning graphic designer. Award winning . . . All this meant one thing for me:

I needed to suck it up and focus. No more drifting with the creative process. This meant a weekly blog and newsletter (or ezine of my own), promotions, an updated Facebook fan page . . . You get the idea. All this is coming. Soon. But on September 5th, it started with one thing: the photo that goes with my bio on the back of the book.

A photo of me.

Angela Hoy said, ‘Make it look professional.’ She related horror stories of author photos on publishing sites. One writer was in shorts standing beside a garbage can. Another woman was in her nightgown. I have seen these photos myself. She was not exaggerating the nasty factor.

Unfortunately, cameras hate me. So my husband had a practical suggestion. September 5th was our 32nd wedding anniversary. How about I take a picture of you while you are dressed up? he asked. Before we go out to dinner?

I agreed. And for the next 45 minutes we took shot after shot, each worse than the last. I was about to give in and suggest submitting the one where it looks like a third breast is growing out of my neck (it wasn’t pointed enough to look like a goiter) when he snapped the winning shot. I wasn’t posing at that moment. I wasn’t smiling. I was watching in disbelief as he climbed on a piece of furniture for a better angle.

Perfect! he’d said, and handed me the camera.

You will just have to wait for the book to come out to see it.

Which brings me to our second difficulty. I needed to replenish my cards. So we went to a nearby store that sells office supplies and ordered a thousand. They came back like this:

photo (41)

Unfortunately, my husband had handed out a goodly sized batch before we saw the mistake. I hadn’t even seen the cards until then. But I certainly took a look when the manager of Pier One pointed it out.

So to all of you who have received one of these: WE ARE SORRY.

And a big thank you to the lady at Pier One for helping me dodge that particular bullet. I was about to take the batch to Wisconsin to a book signing. “Hey everybody! Look! I are a book writer!”

We ordered another batch.

Next? Revamped website. Not just a new look, but new . . . tabs? Writers? You will have to wait and see. But not for long. Coming soon!

Keep an eye on this space!

Have fun!

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  1. Snuffygump says:

    I am sooooooo waiting to see that picture. I saw a massive goiter once. It wasn’t pointed. Just like there is no real point to this comment. Just saying. Nevertheless,we’uns,in the state of Montana,are totally stoked about book number 3 finally being released. In fact, we are excited about all the upcoming treats coming forth from Miss Thea’s special skillful pen. I think I’ll now eat some chocolate. Thanks for the reason to celebrate!

  2. Tina says:

    Seriously cannot wait to read your third book..
    I always will remember the doublemint aunts…I was in laughter with you (miss wording purposely don’t) … can’t wait Thea !!!!

  3. Samudra says:

    Hey, Thea, congrats! Is this the Greek Islands one I finked out on editing because too much life was happening to me? I can’t wait for it!

  4. Thea says:

    Thank you Snuffygump and Tina! :). And, yes Samudra, it’s the Greek adventure.

  5. Randy says:

    Believe me,it’s like we’re having a late baby that now been stamped rush.Well worth the wait YOU’LL SEE!&!&!

  6. Thea says:

    Yeah. Wish I’d had an epidural . . .

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