Readers of my two previous blogs will know that I have been giving an account of my latest adventure in Wisconsin (I know… The words ‘Wisconsin’ and ‘adventure’ don’t usually go together.) And now, FINALLY, I am to the day of the book signing.

First, let me state that nighttime driving through Milwaukee during rush hour is not for the timid. Or, in fact, for the sane. Especially on a Friday night when EVERYONE on the road is either, a) exhausted, b) hungry, or c) already drunk. But, speaking candidly, it is better than driving in Jacksonville, Florida. You have heard the saying, “Dance like no one is watching.” Well, Floridians drive like no one is watching, least of all themselves. Wisconsin drivers actually obey traffic laws.

I arrived at my motel in the town of Sheboygan (where the signing was to be held the next day) just after 9:00 pm, and checked in. The same young man that had made my reservations over the phone was on duty that night. I recognized the depression. He silently encoded my card key and had me sign in. I had to ask him what my room number was since he didn’t actually speak. I suppose I could have just wandered around the small motel, trying slots, but I didn’t want to get arrested before I’d had my dinner.

The next morning John Campbell (author of WALK TO PARADISE GARDEN, and A LARK ASCENDING) and his sister Ann White (A trial lawyer who jumped the career ship to enjoy life in bohemian fashion – Her mind is too big to be contained in only one career) . . . But to get back to what I was saying, John and Ann picked me up for the signing.

But first, I was taken to breakfast then taken on a tour of Sheboygan.

Sheboygan is charming. I could live there. Except for the winters that rival the Russian tundra’s. Fortunately, the weather was spectacular for my visit, with autumn leaves at their peak. Here is a picture of Lake Michigan:

Beautiful, isn’t it?

And here is a picture of John at the lake.

He looks like he’s contemplating the meaning of life, but in reality he was saying, “Yes, there is sand down here.” Also? He is NOT fat. That is his jacket.

Here is a picture of Ann and John at the marina.

They look serious. Also? John’s head is glowing. Either it is from a tiny beam of heavenly light, a halo, or he is silently conversing with aliens. I will have to ask.

I wish I could post more pictures of Sheboygan, but I had better get to the signing.

Here I am (with John, not in silhouette this time, also selling copies of his book, WALK TO PARADISE GARDEN) at the Z-Spot Espresso and Coffee, where I am enjoying an Angry Pumpkin.

And, no, that is not code for my belly. The Angry Pumpkin is the name of my Chai.

It was at this point that I finally got to meet John’s wife Pamla.

Pamla is one of those rare people who enjoy staying active. I used to. When I was nine. Then as soon as puberty hit I went from running, jumping, and climbing to eating, reading, and sleeping.

Pamla prefers walking over driving. She walked from her job at the bank to the book signing.

We arrived by car.

We looked for her on the way, but couldn’t find her. Either because she had long since outstripped us, or had taken several detours, walking around the block many times just for the sheer boost of it.

I wish I could be like that. . .

The book signing was really a book party. The Z-Spot catered it, courtesy of John and Pamla. It was well attended. I met many friends there. I also took several videos. Videos AND pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot to get permission to post the pictures, so you will have to rely on your imagination. Visualize, if you will, a happy mob laughing, reading, eating cheese, crackers, salami, fruit, and drinking coffee, tea, chai. Sorry. That is the best that I can do . . .

Then after the signing, I went back to John and Pamla’s for cocktails and amazingly good finger-food.

I know. The picture is too dark to see what we ate, but I thought at least it would make up for not having pictures of the book party.

To put it simply: I had a great time. The hospitality was unbelievable. It didn’t end with Saturday, but extended through the whole of the weekend, finishing with a truly tasty dinner at the Duke of Devon (an English pub off the marina) and another evening sitting and visiting by John and Pamla’s fireplace.

So now I will leave you with a picture of Nik, my fireside lap companion. . .

And a big thank you to everyone who made my book launch unforgettable!

Stay tuned . . .

I would love it if you left a comment or observation in the ‘leave a comment’ section under this.

Have fun!

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7 Responses to BOOK SIGNING – PART 3

  1. tina says:

    thank you for sharing another experince with me……….its so neat to say hey! i know a book author……..back in another time in my life i read romance novels faster then gum could lose its flavor………….i really enjoy your writings …….. xoxo tina

  2. Snuffygump says:

    If you can drive to Sheboygan, you could certainly drive to Montana! The only city traffic you would encounter on the trip is Kansas City. The rest is wilderness. You could set up book signings in Billings and Bozeman and then take a break in Anaconda (no one in Anaconda does jigsaw puzzles so I figure they can’t read either) before heading on to Missoula. Just imagine the sites you would see! I mean, Mitchell, South Dakota with it’s Corn Palace and then the famous Wall Drug in Wall, SD alone would send you over the top. But wait, there’s more!!! Mt Rushmore in Rapid City, and then on to Sturgis, which hosts the largest motorcycle convergence in the universe. However, the real thrill comes when you get close to the South Dakota/ Wyoming border. Will you get through on the interstate before they close the gate because of a driving blizzard? Take a note here *pack heavy blankets and boots, pillows, matches and food for car camping on the side of the interstate. If there isn’t a blizzard, you may opt to take a short detour around to see the Devil’s Tower. A terrible misnomer in my book. A much preferred handle is Bear Lodge for which the Lakota dubbed this magnificent volcanic standing interior.
    Once you make that loop and get back on the interstate you will have 100’s of miles of little or no traffic…or pit stops, but there are enough, so one doesn’t have to drive scissor legged. Once you cross over into Montana, you will be on the Crow Indian Reservation. You may stop here and visit the last place that Custer stood. You won’t be too far now from Billings. See how easy and pleasant a drive that can be? I won’t bog you down with the rest of the Montana road side attractions for they are many. I’m just trying to convince you and Randy to get up here and introduce the next to the last frontier to your writings!

  3. Thea says:

    Snuffygump, what a testimonial! I would love to come to Montana. Especially if Amtrak will give me a free trip in exchange for tweets, posts, and blogs. And a book signing on the train…
    Isn’t it three days of driving, though, to get from Arkansas to Anaconda?

  4. Snuffygump says:

    2 days if you are young.

  5. Thea says:

    Oh, then… Four days for me.

  6. Saundra says:

    Thea I was so happy to meet you and purchase all three of your books. I devoured the first one immediately although I had planned on saving it for a shut in winter day. of course I couldn’t stop laughing until I had finished the book…….that just led to me wanting to start the second one. Did I mention the beautiful fall weather we were still enjoying? What with my extremely busy schedule ( I do have two cats after all) it took me three days to read “Doll in the Wall” before I could finally close it. “Strange Caper” just had to wait until bad weather. Well, the next day it started getting really nasty out east with horrific rain and flooding as well as awful weather in Texas and on the west coast so I thought, “I simply must read a good book” and grabbed “Strange Caper” and started imagining myself in Greece with a bunch of nude acrobats………well need I say more? My stomach muscles have finally stopped hurting and I can relax my sore cheek muscles from their permanent grin. However, I now have to wait for your next book!!!! Will it be ready soon?? The weather here in Sheboygan is getting very cold and we even a small manical falling of snow yesterday! PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW SOON I CAN EXPECT YOUR NEXT BOOK!!!!!

  7. Thea says:

    Ah, you have made me laugh, Saundra!! Thank you for your comment! This informal ‘review’ is great! It’s good enough to post in the review section of this website! Many thank yous!

    I am halfway finished writing the fifth in the series. The one after STRANGE CAPER – the fourth – is finished aside from final editing. I will release this one as soon as the first draft of the one I’m currently working on is finished. Did that even make sense? Anyway, soon. It should give STRANGE CAPER time to travel a bit before I hit the unsuspecting public on the head with a new one.

    Thank you for commenting!

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