Blytheville Book Signing

That Bookstore In Blytheville is a tiny store on Main Street, Blytheville. 


It is in an old building with creaking wooden floors and high, pressed-tin ceilings.  It has all the atmosphere a reader could want, from a worn rocking chair under a vintage Nancy Drew poster. . .


. . . to a pot-bellied stove covered in toys and books. 

My book-signing table was in the middle section, right in front of the Evelyn & Crabtree products.  I wallowed in scents of lavender, vanilla, and books.

I could only hope it overpowered the scent of garlic that I carried with me from lunch.

After we set up, people began trickling in.  Norma, the voice on the telephone, the emailer, the cashier, and Mary Gay’s all-around-right-hand-woman, told us that it was a quiet time for the bookstore – homecoming, plus three high school reunions in town.  People had been spirited away to other activities for the weekend.  She was afraid it was going to be a sedate book signing for me.

Instead, it turned into a mini-party by the Evelyn & Crabtree.  Even though it was on the small side, we had a blast . . .

I got to chat with some of those I signed books away to . . .

There was Ellen, who is 13 years old. 

And Sara and John Cooke from Little Rock. 

Sara is the Razorback fan . . .
Sara is the Razorback fan . . .

And John is the one with the beard and shorts . . . 

We made plans to meet up again at our Little Rock book signing where my second book, The Doll in the Wall, will be presented. 

And, of course, Betty Koval from the Blytheville Chamber of Commerce.  She DID come!

And I DID get to meet her!

All in That Bookstore In Blytheville.

Oh, and by the way, I did get to meet Mary Gay Shipley . . .

. . . And there is my left eye to prove it!

(Thank you for hosting me, TBIB.)

ttyl :)

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0 Responses to Blytheville Book Signing

  1. David Linn Arnold says:

    A time will arrive when a writer will be blogging on his site about how delicious it felt to do a signing @ That Bookstore in Blytheville, & to sit @ the same signing table that THEA PHIPPS used!!!! This writer will be so excited that he will imagine himself channeling Thea. He will begin to write incredibly witty material from blogs to books that weave mystery among the fibers of humor, unexpected plot twists & a secret magnetic fiber that won’t let you take your eyes off the words. This new self-proclaimed giant among the Literati will be so pumped about his flashy new skill set that he will brag to Mary Gay that he could be her next Grisham or, beyond mortal hope, Thea Phipps! Sadly he will be wrong. Thea will likely be imitated (How could she not be?). She, nonetheless, will not be duplicated. She’s a sure-enough original. If you doubt that, just read these blogs. A warning, however. If you read the blogs, you’ll have to buy her first book, Charades with a Lunatic (Or was it Lucy drinks a Chardonnay? Her titles, like many of her plot twists are surprising & fun. If she ever tires of writing novels, she could subcontract her services as a title writer. That, however, would stop her trips to do signings a loss for all concerned) Then you will be hooked. This is not a warning, but a promise, one you will enjoy having fulfilled. You be marking your calendar for the release day of The Doll in the Wall (or was it Dali & Wally, a lively intellectual pursuit of the interaction of the character of Beaver Cleaver’s older brother & Salvador the painter’s mind-bending art?) Doesn’t matter. You won’t know w/ Thea until you pick it up to read for a few minutes before going to bed, only to find yourself @ daybreak turning off your flashlight as you’ve read under the cover because you just couldn’t put it down. You will also have to take the sock out of your mouth. (You had to do something to muffle the laughter.) Give this lady a read. Well worth the effort. thanks, dla

  2. thea says:

    Thank you! That is the most awesome recommendation I have ever read! I am speechless!