Getting Acquainted

With my husband, Randy.

With my husband, Randy.


Hello… Just thought I’d give you a visual of who is writing these blogs… and then we can get accquainted.  My website says Author and Artist.  I was an artist long before I made stuff up and put it down on paper. 

Technically, everyone is an artist.  Everyone has drawn pictures, and, even at five years of age, they have put their souls into their creations.  I remember at three, I was fascinated that 3-D images can be captured on 2-D surfaces…namely, photography.  I wondered how they could get my mother’s nose on a flat surface, and it still look unmistakably like my mother’s nose.  Anyone who knows my mother will understand my delimma… she’s had two nose jobs in two third-world countries, bless her heart. 

Thus began my fascination with art.  I began with drawing noses, specifically, my own.  Somewhere in my mother’s house is an Olan Mills monstrosity of my four-year-old face with indentations pressed into the cardboard where I tried to trace the image of myself.  Judging by the still-visible indentations, I didn’t do a very good job of it.  My resultant self-portrait is strangely reminiscent of a generic freak-kid with a pig snout and a pixie haircut.  I had a ways to go before I conquered drawing the nose.

I graduated from drawing noses, to drawing prop-engine airplanes and bouffant hairdos – for reasons only God knows – and from there, to drawing anything I could think of.  I sold my first drawing when I was nine to a college student who needed a drawing of an octopus for an essay paper.  And from there, I kept selling… something I didn’t appreciate fully until I got old enough to understand the importance of having enough candy money to enhance cavities.

I began selling my oil paintings, pen & inks, and drawings out of The Frame Place when I was in junior high.  I remember a drawing that one of my classmates commissioned as an anniversary gift for her parents… a 2 ft by 3 ft pencil drawing of an African family… complete with naked children.  Drawing nudity from memory embarrassed me, but I persevered, and the drawing was finished.  The drawing eventually changed hands, and when my husband and I were married in ’82, we were very nearly offered the same drawing as a wedding gift by some friends of ours.  Then they saw my signature on the bottom right-hand corner, and bought us an orange fondue pot instead. 

While living on Amelia Island, Florida, in the ’90’s, I began showing my work in the Centre Street Gallery.  I showed for only a short time before taking my work with me as I moved back to Arkansas… work I eventually threw away.  I’m bad about that.  If I lose interest in something, it goes to the dump.  I’ve thrown a lot of art work away…  I have an artist friend, Lisa Bauer, who still doesn’t want me to talk about it. 

And then, about four years ago during a bout of insomnia, I began writing… But I’ll save that for another time…

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  1. Jacque Meche says:

    Very interesting time in St. Louis–Happy Anniversary!
    I enjoyed your blog and thoroughly enjoyed your book, it’s nice to be entertained by such witty humor and not have to think too hard.