Bring It On, UPS . . . !

If all goes according to schedule (Yeah, right), UPS will pull up in front of my house tomorrow, a man in brown shorts . . . in 40 degree weather. . . will dart to my front door with a package in his frozen hands.  He will drop it, knock once, then dart away like a phantom. . . or more accurately, NOT like a phantom – all smoke and mist – but like those kids who leave a burning bag filled with dog doo at your door so that you can use your best shoes to stomp out the flames. 

The UPS package will contain my author’s review copy of my second book, ‘The Doll In The Wall’.  The author’s review copy is the first printed copy of a submitted manuscript in book form.  You are to examine your book, looking for any glaring mistakes that was missed in the actual printing process – like misspelling your name, or  binding it upside down.  Once you make sure everything is ready to be seen by discerning eyes, you give your approval.  This step is utilized as a protection. . . so you can’t sue them later.  Then, twenty-four hours after receiving your approval, the book will be available for sale. 

Let’s hope that I can keep better track of this process than I did the first time with my first book, ‘Charades with a Lunatic’.  A full month had passed before I got curious enough to meander over to the Internet to check on its progress.  Boy, was I surprised when I typed the words ‘Charades with a Lunatic’ and got connected to an online bookstore in Sweden.  (Apparently, ‘book’ in Swedish is ‘booky’. . . “Looky, I got a booky,” I told everyone.  I was predictably ignored.)

I’m looking forward to my UPS package.  Once I get my book in my hands, note with relief that it HASN’T been printed backwards, I will e-mail the publishers with my approval.

I am so done with it.

I am so psyched.

I am so ready to go back to writing. . .  real writing. . . not correcting.  I am so ready to dive back into finishing my third book.

Here’s to Bella . . . Let’s hope I can get her out of Greece.  That’s where she is right now, in my third book, waiting for me to rescue her. . . 

Stay tuned. . .  :D

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0 Responses to Bring It On, UPS . . . !

  1. Linda Largent says:

    I’m picturing you, Thea, at your table tomorrow, enjoying the autumn chill with a delightful cup of hot tea, smiling and muttering, “Looky, I got a booky!”
    I hope the day goes just as you wish, right-side-up binding and all!

  2. Pepper Smith says:

    And the birthing process is nearly complete.

    “Congratulations, Ma’am. It’s a booky.”

  3. thea says:

    Mr. UPS is late . . .
    or lost . . .
    or I’m in for a longer labor than expected . . . Of course if it was something like a court summons, I’d find it under my pillow.

  4. Pepper Smith says:

    Delivery times vary. When I’m really waiting for something, it usually arrives around 6:30pm or so, since they quit delivery for the day at around 7:00.

  5. thea says:

    That’s good to know. I’ll put a cookie out on the stoop.

  6. thea says:

    Uh-Oh. I think he’s coming Monday. . .
    He’d BETTER come Monday. . .

  7. Pepper Smith says:

    So, are we there yet?

    My apologies about forgetting the lack of Saturday delivery.

  8. thea says:

    Oh yeah. They should be on sale online in about 24 hours. SHOULD, that is…