Our New Site Is Up

Chris and Randy setting up my websiteChris' son Dane kept us entertained and busy


After not sleeping all night… okay, I dozed for one hour… Randy and I met with Chris (my 24-year-old website guru) at Atlanta Bread Company in Rogers to work on setting up my website.  This is my first blog.  Ever.  I am the third to the last human on the planet to blog.  My mother has never blogged, even though she has a new laptop.  My husband, Randy, has never blogged.  This is mainly because he has never even turned on a computer.  He will be the last person in the cosmos to blog… if ever.  He is not a word person.  Scrabble with him is educational… Who knew that ‘ising,’ ‘wasing,’ and ‘wereing’ were words?  I didn’t.  However, he is proving to be a wonderful ‘idea’ man.  While I write this, he and Chris are working out the webpage details.  Randy has never seen a webpage.  So this is an especially creative moment for him.  He is also my muse when writing.  He reads a freshly written excerpt, and then adds even more insanity to the characters.  This is why we don’t have kids, yet.  I’m am afraid of mixing our gene pools.  There is no telling what we will have if we mix his genes, my genes, and possibly, through some quirk of nature, my mother’s genes.  They will only have a 10% chance of being computer literate… and a 99% chance of speaking German at birth.  And being constipated at conception.  (You will only get this reference if you were raised by Germans.  Kind of like being raised by wolves, except much, much stricter and with lots of sauerkraut.)  My mother is German.  A Berliner.  Who knew Hitler.  I love her.  That is enough on the subject of DNA.  However, back to the subject of computers and books… Please explore my new website.  Leave comments.  Have fun.  Make fun.  Laugh and point… Enjoy yourself.  ttyl.  :) 

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