Getting my second book ready

My studio niche - forget the northern light, I'm by the tv and fridge...


Cover art for upcoming 2nd book, 'The Doll In The Wall'

 This is the cover art for my upcoming second book, ‘The Doll In The Wall,’ sans title and my name.  That will be added on somewhere in Indiana . . . or perhaps the Philipines where most of my publishers get their work done.  The first picture above it is of my studio niche where I paint . . . forget the clear northern light – I’m by the fridge and the tv. . .

Today was the day to scoot my second book through another phase of production . . . which meant chasing emails, being hand-fed lunch while still in my pajamas, not having time to do anything except answer the phone, bandage my husband’s finger when he cut himself on a Hormel’s can while making dinner, and make typos on my computer keyboard. 

We are now past the book’s first galley, which gives me two more to get through, not counting the cover galley.  This means that the next stage will be going through my newly formatted mansucript a second time.  I scour it  for formatting errors, such as an extra space between lines . . . but in actuality, I end up spending all my time correcting all the ghastly mistakes I – and my copyeditors – missed on the first run-through . . . like that superflous comma that trips up the reader.  I believe there is one in my first book that defied all three galley corrections, plopped in the middle , of , a sentence . . . much like the one you’ve just experienced.

Since the second book has been expedited to make its Fall release date, I have been working very hard to keep up with the publishers.  It is obvious that they are afraid that I am going to take a sabbatical in the middle of the process, or perhaps wander off and change my identity.  I keep getting polite reminders from them that the process is only as fast as my reaction time.  I see their point.  Once, while in the middle of correcting a galley on my first book, I inadvertantly took a month off to deal with one of  life’s curveballs.  Not knowing the circumstances, they no doubt envisioned me taking that month off  to stare into space.

However, so far so good.

This Labor Day weekend, my husband and I will be going to St. Louis for a book signing at the Nadoz Euro Bakery and Cafe’ in the historic Coronado building.  Why sign books in a book store when you can sign books around pastries?  Afterwards, we will celebrate our 27th anniversary by going to the St. Louis zoo that Saturday. 

. . . And, boy,  do I need that break . . . ttyl

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