Oh, I Wish I Could Kiss Dolphins Under The Aurora Borealis. . .!

I kiss family dogs, cats, drooling babies encased in dank diapers, and Europeans I hardly know. . . all kissable in a lovely general kind of way as far as I am concerned.  It just depends on WHERE you kiss.  I would hardly kiss a dog on the lips, though I definitely would a baby, drool and all . . . though I would carefully avoid the drips.  But after seeing a certain photograph, I wish I could add dolphins to the list.  I was introduced to dolphins as a kid via the popular tv show ‘Flipper’.  Flipper the dolphin rescued people and solved crimes, sort of like Lassie except with a blow-hole.

In my last blog, I announced the winners of the drawing for a free copy of my second book, ‘The Doll In The Wall’.  I announced them by their ‘user names’ on my Web site: Hangin_W_Ya,  JBVadeboncoeur, and Snuffygump.  I wanted to ask their permission to broadcast their real identities before I did so and got sued.  I did ask, and I did get their permission.  What does this have to do with kissing dolphins?  I will get to that in a minute.

My first winner, Hanging_W_Ya, is a local computer genius who, if he had a bumper-sticker, would declare to others that he ‘would rather be at the beach’.  Hangin_W_Ya and I are Farmtown neighbors, Farmville neighbors, and Yoville neighbors.  To the uninitiated, Farmtown, Farmville, and Yoville are interactive games on facebook . . . which doesn’t mean that we are useless time-wasters.  It proves that we are insomniac.  It is a fairly common occurence for me to be planting online cabbage at three in the morning, and have the chat window pop up with the words, ‘Good morning, Thea,’ on it.

Hangin_W_Ya is Tommy Hooten from West Fork, Arkansas.  Congratulations, Tommy! 

My second winner is JBVadeboncoeur.  Now THIS is the part pertinent to kissing dolphins!

J.B. Vadeboncoeur holds M.A.’s in Applied Psychology and Theology and likes to write fiction that is focused around psychological issues.  She has completed her first MG novel, THE MOUNTAIN’S TREASURE.  Ms. Vadeboncoeur is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and now co-chairs the Waikoloa Writer’s Group.  When J.B. is not traveling in Japan or visiting grandchildren, she lives in Hawaii.  Her Web site, PURPLUME’S PERSONAL PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY – http://JBVadeboncoeur.info – is worth visiting.  You will find her blogs, which range from insightful, touching vignettes to wonderful little one-liners such as, ‘YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WRITER WHEN: You’re happy to go on jury duty’, or – one of my favorites – ‘When I rollerblade, I keep up with the butterflies’.

Congratulations, J.B. Vadeboncoeur!  Happy reading!

And my third winner, Snuffygump, is an artist.  She spends many dark and glorious nights high above Anaconda, Montana, photographing the Aurora Borealis. 



'FAILED WORDS' - Pleiades is right in the middle of the yellow beam

'FAILED WORDS' - Pleiades is right in the middle of the yellow beam

In her words, ‘At 60,000 ft above and beyond it is like viewing the chariot of God flaming across the heavens.  Some storms have been so intense, there is no way that you can take a photograph because the movement is so fast.  It cannot be compared to lighting, because lighting is too slow.’   Even though she is the only human up on the mountain – sometimes until 4 a.m. – she has other visitors . . . fox, deer, and elk.  She whistles songs so that they don’t startle each other.  In her words, ‘Those guys just come bounding up the side of the mountain not realizing that I am there, and you can hear the hoof brakes screeching.’

Snuffygump, the third winner in the drawing, is Sarah Baur, from Anaconda, Montana.

Here she is with 7 of her 9 children in a portrait titled: swirlmotherandchildrenpants :)

Here she is with 7 of her 9 children in a portrait titled: swirlmotherandchildrenpants :)

For a living, she works with her husband installing computer hardware – “setting up the systems into the mother ship for whatever company it is that we are working on at the time.  Other times, all we do is drive 300 miles just to flip a switch (stupid, but someone’s gotta do it, for heaven’s sake!)”

Congratulations, Sarah Baur!  Enjoy your book!

 Wow!  I just LOVE readers!  :D

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0 Responses to Oh, I Wish I Could Kiss Dolphins Under The Aurora Borealis. . .!

  1. Lisa Bauer says:

    I wondered how you would bring this all together… hats off to ya sweetheart! Another fun read :)
    Lisa B

  2. Pepper Smith says:

    Congratulations Tommy and Sarah!

    And purplume! Hope you’re meeting your NaNo goals. Congratulations!

  3. thea says:

    Don’t you just love the pic’s?

  4. Thank you so much Thea. Your joy overflows to us all. This was really fun to read and be a part of.
    PS Thanks Pepper, I’m happy to say I am over 34K words. XD