I WORKED AS A MASSAGE THERAPIST AT THIS RITZY HOTEL IN THE BEAUTIFUL STATE OF GEORGIA I DO TOO . . . WILL THIS BE MY ANSWER . . . TO THE BOOK I HAD WORKED SO HARD ON? EDITORS . . . I can relate Pretty much my fear . . . The difference between German (and the rest of the world) LIE #1 – THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS ON THE VINE. LIE #2 – THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS IN A JAR. AND LIE #3 – NO ONE looks like this when they’re canning. ONE . . . TWO . . . THREE THE MORNING AFTER HIS FIRST JOB THE 1956 FORD IN THE LOT ON OUR WAY HOME WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO EAT THIS WITH REALLY SOUR MUSTARD? LIKE AUNT BEA USED TO MAKE MMMMM – MMM – MMM! NEVER GONE THIS FAR . . . AND I WASN’T THIS CLIENT . . . BUT I DID FEEL LIKE THIS BEFORE I WENT I CAN’T EAT THIS ANYMORE . . . AND THE FOOD COSTS MORE THAN A BIG MAC . . . . . . BUT I DON’T NEED TO EXERCISE TO LOSE SERIOUSLY. . . HOW INTERESTING IS THIS? CHEERS! IN A NUTSHELL . . . PRETTY MUCH . . . FOR RANDY . . . TRUE STORY . . . Where Len gets free gum . . . Liza for a day . . . Bella for a day. . . EDITING MANUSCRIPT JUST READING FARMER’S MARKET CURIOUS WALLABY A BABY CAPUCHIN WITH HER TEDDY BEAR HUGGING DONKEYS INSTEAD OF MOPPEL KATZE I WOULD HAVE EATEN THIS. . . OR EVEN THIS. . . BUT NOT THIS.     EVER. I COULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE THIS. OR EVEN THIS. BUT, NO. I HAD TO LOOK LIKE THIS. IF I DANCED IN THE STREET IT WOULDN’T BE THIS . . . . . . OR EVEN THIS . . . IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS . . . FROM THIS . . . TO THIS . . . TO OATMEAL SCULPTURE WHAT WE LOOKED LIKE AND WHAT WE TRADED IN TWO FOBS The Process The Polishing The Pitch Mama’s boys. . . minus one who had to work. Randy can’t act serious around a camera to save his life. My Artichoke Niece Mom (In 1955, 3 years before my brothers came on the scene.  Explains a lot.) Cue the horses! Frau Blucher Okay… this is just odd. THE WORLD’S STRANGEST APPLE – 1 in a million chance The break-out’s tonight. . . pass it on. . . I come in peace. . . Is it just me, or do you smell that too? Even the puddles were beautiful Keebler territory The quality of light was dazzling Randy eagerly watching for land on our last day. Woo-hoo!!  My books are in the ship’s library. Where to go for the best fried catfish in Galveston Dreams of Cruising Ugly Reality Really Ugly Reality From the Lido Deck looking down at the Serenity Deck The Grand Atrium Pilot boat picking up the pilot, leaving us the Captain to take us to Mexico Hello, I’m Thea Phipps, and you’re watching community access television in Fayetteville, Arkansas. How Richard felt What Richard saw Kiss me, I’m Finnish… Symbiosis Brutus and Randy in our back yard Hold yourselves back, girls! I suppose I could always resort to this… Has anyone seen the cat? Not in a million years . . . Yeah, right . . . You’ve got to be kidding . . . Ride ‘em, Cowboy Kippy! Kippy with his brothers Bud (Gorilla in a blue neckerchief), Winnie, and Felix Elmo and his Possum The first motorcycle ever made was made out of wood The electricity powered ION motorcycle Biker Cat This one is so good, it has to be repeated. What’s a little loss of dignity among friends? Batman and Robin Don’t Blink Denture Slippage Letting mom dress you How My Husband Looks When I Ask Him To Kill a Bug The Woman Who Wielded the Broom of Death Vanessa & me – spider days Mom & Dad . . . . . .Went On A Date . . . And they eventually produced this. Dad drinking . . . . . . and dancing. My Dad’s Whole Graduation Class – Including the Teacher Face # 1 Face # 2 Face # 3 Bear Feeder Glory Days Making Cookies Cry Babies